These days, the customer journey starts anywhere.. and goes everywhere

2019 will be the year eCommerce competition gets racked up by another notch. New start-ups are entering the market. Hence, big established bricks and mortar brands are pushing to achieve significant chunks of the eCommerce market as consumers increasingly move online.

Consequently eCommerce is a rapidly growing field which has to respond quickly to the latest trends. Because of the low barriers to entry and the fact consumers can switch providers effortlessly those that fall behind when it comes to customer experience and pricing strategy quickly loose out. Therefore the team at iLaunch Media have developed a tried and tested formula to increase online sales and as a result, have delivered exceptional outcomes for clients in retail, wholesale and services.

“From attraction to action in one place”

Each month iLaunch Media deliver over 6 million ad impressions across Facebook. Not only do we gather data on click funnels, conversions and online sales, as a matter of course, furthermore we take this data to build digital marketing projections for our clients.

All of our clients come to us looking to improve their Facebook and Google Adword performance with the same goal – increase online sales.

The power of Facebook enables us to target several types of audiences, in fact it’s not unusual for us to build a campaign targeting 20 or more different types of audiences. These audiences vary from page followers, to email subscribers to people that have similar interests to your page followers and so on.